Kyle Bowen | Owner, Turtle Box Design LLC

Hi, I'm Kyle

Turtle Box Design LLC

I'm a designer and content strategist. I developed and maintain Rapid Steel's website.

The Rapid Steel team contacted me to help them build a new website that would be responsive and help them increase sales. We worked together to develop a website that looks great across every device size and platform.


Slide the divider in the image above to view The Rapid Steel website, before and after.

To help encourage online sales inquiries, I made a new online inquiry form.

The new form introduces progressive disclosure, so people visiting the site aren't confronted with a wall of blank fields to be completed. We reduced the number of required fields to the absolute minimum to help people complete the task done more quickly.


The new website emphasizes the company's specialized services, while making it as easy as possible for customers to get the information they need to complete their purchase.